Style Spotlight: 2024’s Top 5 Hair Trends You Need to Know

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In 2024, it’s time to shake off the winter blues and experiment with your hair once more. This season is all about organic, warm tones and styling with a ‘less-is-more’ approach. It’s almost time for the sophisticated, glam Off-Duty model look to return!

Plus, there’s a lot more to this year than just hair colours and trims. It also calls for placing your hair’s NEEDS ahead of its wants. Taking care of our scalps will become just as crucial as sporting trendy hairstyles as spring approaches and the temperature begins to rise. Make sure to check out our blog on essential Summer Hair Care Tips. According to the ‘hair-health’ experts, this season will also include clarifying shampoos, stimulating scrubs, and masks, as well as last year’s MVP, the Scalp Massagers.

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As we look ahead to 2024, there are several trends to keep an eye out for, so we’ve created a list of the five most popular trends you must know to up your game as a professional hairstylist.

1. The Iconic Hollywood Blowout

The resurgence of this hairdo can be credited to the growing nostalgia for vintage-inspired looks, driven by a desire to revisit classic beauty ideals and aesthetics. In an era dominated by social media and digital influence, the Hollywood Blowout offers a photogenic and camera-ready hairstyle that resonates with individuals seeking to curate their online image.

2. Retro Bangs and the Catwalk-Cut

90s nostalgia will continue with the comeback of the chic long layers and supermodel-like curtain bangs. This retro look channels that decade’s face-framing bangs and teased strands look. We’ll be seeing a lot of salon-fresh bouncy blowouts and the infamous ‘Catwalk-Cut’ a.k.a. the butterfly cut. It’s a heavily layered and feathered cut. We can also expect to see blunt, long bangs that graze the eyebrows. They have wispiness and movement to them that will automatically feel like a statement, even when the hair is undone.

Recently, there’s been a growing inclination towards embracing bold, statement-making hairstyles that reflect confidence and individuality. This trend is a much-needed ascent from the sleek and minimalist aesthetics that have dominated recent years, instead embracing texture, volume, and personality.

Lakmé Academy Powered by Aptech offers comprehensive training on classic and advanced haircuts so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Our hair styling course is designed to equip you with astounding industry-based skills such as working with different hair types, using advanced techniques, and tools, etc. To learn more about our courses, click here.

3. Chic Hair Accessories

While ribbons were deservingly the talk of the town last season, this year will be big on hair accessories like flower clips, pearl-adorned clips, jewel-encrusted barrettes, bows and big scrunchies. The 2024 spring shows were filled with flowery-glittery hair accessories on the runway.

Match accessories with your outfit, and don’t forget your hair texture for secure styling. Choose a playful dress to pair with your accessories, and have fun experimenting with different styles and staying trendy.

4. BOB is Back!

If there’s one style that is set to make a comeback, it’s the return of the classic rounded, soft bob haircut that hits right above your shoulders. The shabby-chic bob will get a makeover in 2024, and a more defined blunt bob shall take its place. To adapt this trend to different hair lengths and textures, consider variations such as the long bob (lob) or textured bob for added dimension. Although lob might not suit every face shape, while it does add definition to the jawline and cheekbones, it can be slightly tricky to carry off.

For thicker hair, opt for layers to reduce bulk, while those with finer hair can benefit from blunt cuts or Italian bob to create the illusion of fullness. Experiment with styling techniques like sleek straightening or tousled waves to personalise the look and enhance its chic aesthetic.

5. Warm Hues Always in the News

It’s time to embrace the palette of creamy caramels, buttery blondes, golden blondes, and spicy coppers, among other warm tones. 2024 is expected to go all rich, sunny shades shining through big, bouncy blowouts. To incorporate this trend into different hair types and styles, select shades that complement natural undertones and enhance complexion. Opt for balayage or highlights to gradually transition to warmer tones for darker hair. People with lighter hair can experiment with deeper shades to add depth and dimension.

However, the key to this look is keeping your colour as vivid and shiny for as long as possible since warm tones are historically challenging to upkeep. To maintain the hues, use colour-safe products and schedule regular touch-ups with a professional colourist – or become one with our professional hairstyling course!

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The Role of Professional Training

The world of beauty and fashion has so much more to offer than just the look of the year! It can also be a thriving career option. Becoming a hairstylist will not only give you ample industrial exposure but also entrepreneurial chances in the future. The professional hair styling course by Lakmé Academy Powered By Aptech, provides comprehensive training and expertise in various advanced techniques, trends, and industry standards.

These courses offer hands-on experience in using advanced tools and working on different hair types, along with guidance from seasoned professionals and career counsellors. The courses also cover a wide range of skills, such as men’s hair and barbering, hair science, oil massages, hair care, hair spas, treatments, and rituals, to name a few.

Upon completing the course, candidates receive B&W SSC and CIDESCO-accredited certifications. The B&W SSC certificate allows one to participate in government-led programs at institutional and state levels at selected Lakmé Academies. On the other hand, the CIDESCO-approved courses are recognised and accepted by salons, spas, wellness retreats, and beauty training institutes worldwide.

From mastering cutting and colouring techniques to understanding client consultation and salon management, these hairstyling courses ensure that you, as a professional hairstylist, are well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of your clients and stay abreast of evolving trends.



1. Does enrolment in the Foundation or Advanced courses require any specific qualifications?

The qualifying criteria for both the Foundation and Advanced courses include Class 10 completion (any stream), making these programs available to a diverse spectrum of professional requirements.


2. What is the duration of the hairstyling course at Lakmé Academy Powered By Aptech?

The course can be completed in 3-6 months, depending on your level. Click here to learn more about our courses.


3. What will I learn during the advanced hairdressing and styling course?

Advanced hairstyling courses cover a variety of topics, including perming, men’s hairstyle and barbering, straightening, classic and advanced haircuts, hair styling and updos, colour methods, and spa routines.


4. What career opportunities will I get after course completion?

You can work as a hair stylist, colourist, salon manager, hair spa expert, or even freelancer working per your own timelines.

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