Backstage Drama Lakmé Academy
Backstage Drama
You have seen how stunning the celebrities look in their movies and public appearances. Their attire is trendy, hair is spot-on and make up is camera friendly. If you are keeping a tab of this glitz and glam world, don’t miss out on what’s happening backstage while creating those ten-on-ten looks.

In Backstage Drama activity, students of Lakmé Academy Powered by Aptech competed against each other to showcase their hair & makeup skills and create stunning looks. With their hard work & talent they were able to achieve professional finesse in their craft that resulted in out-of-this-world looks!

Lakmé Academy Powered by Aptech is proud to present the work of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of Backstage Drama!

Check them out right here, right now:

The Gothic Goddess

Amit, Kritika, Neha & Upasna won the Gold Prize in Backstage Drama for their marvellous work in creating ‘The Gothic Goddess’ look.

Shimmer In Neon

Anjali, Jyoti, Noore & Priya won the Silver Prize in Backstage Drama for creating a jaw-dropping ‘Shimmer In Neon’ look.

The Marine Life

Rita, Shweta & Vanshika won the Bronze Prize in Backstage Drama for their amazing work in creating ‘The Marine Life’ look.


Bright, exquisite, spacious, well-organised, and well-equipped makeup rooms took the judges by surprise, and definitely, stole the show. Have a look.


A rare, unique, and offbeat makeup defines your skill to innovate. Here’s your chance to watch such an innovative makeup that took the stage by storm.


The efforts of every makeup artist deserve applause. And here are the winners who made it to the Outstanding Efforts category. Watch their brilliant work and dedication here.

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