Get trained in...

From hair cutting courses for beginners to types of colouring techniques, we offer the following short-term hair styling courses:

  • Basic hair styling course

    Maximise your potential as a hairstylist, with a solid foundation in basic styling. Learn the tricks of the trade and be the best stylist

    Skills gained
    • Basics of Blow Drying
    • Volume Blow Drying
    • Out Curl Blow Drying
    • Hair Ironing
    • Hair Tonging

    6 days

  • Creative cuts course

    Learn the latest cuts in fashion! This course uses creative cutting techniques, that allows you to explore endless possibilities while mixing and matching the basics.

    Skills Gained
    • Hair Cut 1 Illusion Long
    • Hair Cut 2 Illusion Mid
    • Hair Cut 3 Illusion Short
    • Hair Cut 4 Illuminate 1
    • Hair Cut 5 Illuminate 2
    • Hair Cut 6 Illuminate 3

    6 days

  • Classic hair cuts course 1

    Learn the classic cuts, that will make the hair look stunning.

    Skills Gained
    • Forward Graduation
    • Natural Inversion
    • Square Layers

    6 days

  • Classic hair cuts course 2

    Learn the best classic cuts that are the foundation of any hairdressing career.

    Skills Gained
    • Transient Length Hair Cut
    • Transient Mid Length
    • Classic Bob
    • Graduated Bob
    • Short Round Layers

    10 days

  • Colour level course 1

    Understand the colour basics in this course. Learn the easiest techniques for touch-ups and global colour services.

    Skills Gained
    • Root Touch-up Application
    • Global Colour Application

    4 days

  • Colour level course 2

    Learn the classic highlighting techniques with easy step by step instructions to follow, which would enable to boost your confidence levels while performing a colour service.

    Skills Gained
    • Prepare Colour Service

    5 days

  • Hair up-styles course 1

    Acquire strong up-style basic skills, which are the stepping stones to a future in mastering the art and international techniques.

    Service Skills Gained
    • High and Low Pony Tail
    • Strand Braid
    • Bouffant
    • Basic Bun
    • Doughnut Stuffing with Braids

    6 days

  • Hair up-styles course 2

    Learn advanced up-style skills, which are the basis for excelling in the art.

    Service Skills Gained
    • Morning Bride
    • Cocktail
    • The Royal Indian Bride
    • Quintessential Red Bride
    • Outdoor Bride
    • Sangeet Fusion
    • Pastel Bride

    5 days

  • Texture level course 1

    You will have in-depth knowledge on the chemical changes that take place during straightening/perming. Lots of hands-on sessions will boost your confidence levels while performing a texture change service.

    Service Skills Gained
    • Winding of Different Styles
    • Classic Five Section Perming Technique
    • Brick Perming Technique

    6 days



Duration of the short term hair care courses lasts between 4 days and 10 days.



You can join as soon as you complete your Class 10 (any stream).