You can join foundation or advanced course in beauty therapy at Lakmé Academy if you want to become a professional skin consultant, skin care expert or a beauty therapist. If you are already a professional, then simply upgrade your skills and learn new things from the expert faculty at Lakmé Academy.

You can join even if you don’t have any experience yet!

Get hands-on training in:

  • Skin science
  • Skin function
  • Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Skin pathology
  • Basics of skin

Industry skills gained

  • Knowledge of the history of skin and beauty
  • Learning advanced techniques in skin preparation
  • Practical experience with skin treatments
  • Working with advanced machines
B&WWSSC AND CIDESCO ACCREDITED CERTIFICATION accredited and certified beauty courses
L a k m é   A c a d e m y  o f f e r s B&WSSC and CIDESCO accredited certification c o u r s e s   i n   b e a u t y   &   w e l l n e s s
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You can join as soon as you complete your Class 10 (any stream).

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How do I enrol for skin courses at Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech?

You can enrol for a skin course at Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech any time of the year. To qualify for enrolment, you need to complete class 10.

Are the skin courses at Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech full time courses?

Yes, both foundation and advanced courses in skin care are full time courses.

How long will it take for me to complete beautician course at Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech?

The duration of the foundation course in beauty therapy is 3 months and advanced course is 6 months. So, you will have to complete the course within these time frames.

Are both beauty therapy courses full time courses?

These are full time courses held for duration of 3 months to 6 months. The class timings vary from centre to centre. However, during lockdown, the courses are being delivered online to new and existing students.

Which Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech centre should I join to pursue skin care course?

Skin courses are available in all Lakmé Academy centres and you can join your nearest centre. However, for your safety during the lockdown, the courses are now being delivered online. Rest be assured, faculty, course curriculum, and experience remains the same.

How can I join foundation course in beauty therapy as a fresher?

You can complete class 10 and directly join foundation course in beauty therapy at Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech has a fresher. There is no need to have prior experience.

Does Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech provide placement assistance to students after completing skin course?

The academy provides job placement assistance to eligible students. After successfully completing the course, you will be assisted by Aptech’s Placement Cell to appear for job interviews. Recruitment can take place anywhere in India.

What topics will I get to study in advanced course in beauty therapy?

Some of the major skin care and skin treatment related topics taught in advanced skin course are history and physiology of skin, advanced skin treatments, cosmetic chemistry, skin disorders and diseases, advanced facials, and skin pathology.

Is the career of a beautician with certified beauty therapy courses booming in India?

Employment of beauticians has grown significantly over the years. Since the demand for professional skin consultants is always on the rise, demand for beauticians has been booming significantly in India. Pursuing a course in foundation or advanced beauty therapy will take you closer towards your goal.

What is the enrolment process for skin care course at Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech?

To qualify for enrolment, you need to be class 10 pass. To enrol, fill the form and appear for a free online career counselling.

*T&C Apply/Disclaimer: B&WSSC and CIDESCO certified courses are presently available at SELECT CENTRES ONLY. For more details email: