DIY vs. Professional Training: Why Nail Art Courses Make a Difference

As the popularity of DIY nail art grows, thanks to social media and online platforms, a question arises: How does this self-taught approach compare to formal training in a nail art course?

This blog explores the pivotal decision between self-learning through DIY methods and professional training, emphasising the value of structured learning in a nail art course offered by a reputed nail art academy or nail art training institute, like Lakmé Academy Powered By Aptech.

The Rise of Nail Art as a Fashion Statement

Nail art’s evolution is a testament to its growing influence in fashion. What started as a simple polish application has now blossomed into an array of styles, from minimalist designs to elaborate 3D nail art. This journey mirrors the fashion industry’s evolution, where once-understated trends now embrace bold and unique expressions. Styles like nail extensions, popularised in part by celebrity culture, have made a significant impact. Courses like the nail extension course have emerged, catering to this growing demand and interest in specialised nail art forms.

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DIY Nail Art vs. Professional Training

The allure of DIY nail art lies in its accessibility and the freedom to experiment. However, when it comes to professional and intricate designs, the gap between DIY and professionally trained artists becomes evident.

  1. DIY Nail Art: 
  • Popularity and Accessibility: The rise of DIY nail art can be attributed to its widespread portrayal on social media and various online platforms, offering seemingly simple and cost-effective techniques.
  • Inherent Limitations: However, these self-taught methods often lack depth in areas like hygiene standards, intricate nail art techniques, and long-lasting application methods – areas where a nail art training institute excels.
  1. Professional Training: 
  • Structured Curriculum: Professional training offers a structured curriculum, expert guidance, and exposure to a variety of techniques and styles, ranging from basic polish application to advanced nail extension courses and techniques.
  • Recognised Accreditation: Moreover, a certified course equips aspiring nail artists with not just the skills but also the credibility to pursue a career in this field, opening doors to opportunities in salons, fashion shows, and as personal nail art professionals.


Benefits of a Professional Nail Art Training Institute

Professional nail art courses provide invaluable benefits. They instil a deep understanding of artistic techniques, offer insights into the latest industry trends, and open doors to numerous career opportunities:

  • Structured and Comprehensive Learning – Enrolling in a nail art course ensures a structured learning path, from fundamental techniques to advanced nail art designs, under the guidance of industry professionals.
  • Acquisition of Industry-Relevant Skills – A professional nail art academy not only imparts artistic skills but also focuses on essential aspects like client consultation, time management, and the latest industry trends. These courses go beyond basic nail art, teaching precision in application, understanding nail health, and creative design skills.
  • Curriculum and Environment – A nail art training institute like Lakmé Academy offers an environment that merges theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Mentorship from Industry Experts – Such institutes bring seasoned professionals as mentors, providing insights into the real-world challenges and opportunities in the nail art industry.
  • Specialisation in Nail Artistry – Specialised nail extension courses focus on specific techniques like UV gel and acrylic extensions, essential for advanced nail artists.
  • Opening Diverse Career Avenues – A comprehensive nail art course can pave the way for varied career opportunities in high-end salons, the entertainment industry, or as a freelance nail artist.

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What Are the Career Opportunities After Graduating from a Nail Art Academy?

Completing a nail art course can open up a plethora of career opportunities in the beauty and fashion industry. This comprehensive training equips students with the skills and knowledge to pursue various exciting and rewarding career paths:

  • Salon Nail Technician – Work in high-end beauty salons, offering professional nail care and artistry services.
  • Freelance Nail Artist – Establish a freelance career, providing customised nail art services to private clients or for special events like weddings and photoshoots.
  • Nail Art Educator – Teach aspiring nail artists in beauty schools or conduct workshops and training sessions.
  • Nail Art Blogger/Influencer – Share your expertise and creations online, influencing trends and potentially collaborating with beauty brands.
  • Nail Product Development – Work with beauty brands in developing new nail care products and nail art accessories.
  • Fashion and Media Industry Professional – Collaborate with fashion designers, magazines, and media houses for photoshoots and fashion shows, bringing creative nail art ideas to life.
  • Nail Salon Owner – Start your own nail salon business, leveraging your expertise to provide top-notch services and build a client base.

Each of these career paths offers a unique blend of creativity, skill, and business opportunity, making the field of nail artistry both dynamic and fulfilling. With the right training, the possibilities in this vibrant industry are truly expansive.

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Lakmé Academy’s Nail Art Course

The nail art course at Lakmé Academy stands out for its depth and breadth, designed to fully prepare students for a career in this dynamic field:

  • Diverse Training Modules – The course covers essential topics like nail science, client consultation, various nail art techniques, gel polish application, and nail extensions, ensuring a well-rounded skill set.
  • Real-World Skills – Students gain hands-on experience, preparing them to work in the best salons and handle advanced nail care techniques. The course equips students with a comprehensive skill set that encompasses both artistic flair and technical expertise, preparing them to confidently enter the beauty industry as well-rounded, innovative professionals.
  • Accredited Certification – Lakmé Academy Powered By Aptech offers B&WSSC and CIDESCO accredited certification, recognised globally in the beauty and wellness industry.
  • Holistic Approach – The course not only focuses on technical skills but also emphasises overall beauty and wellness, preparing students for a comprehensive role in the beauty industry.

This detailed approach in the nail art course at Lakmé Academy Powered By Aptech ensures students are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, opening doors to a multitude of career opportunities in the beauty industry. The holistic nature of the course ensures that the students are not just technically proficient but also possess a keen sense of style, customer engagement, and business acumen, key attributes of a successful nail artist in today’s dynamic beauty landscape.

To Conclude

Choosing between DIY and professional training in nail art is a decision that shapes your career trajectory. While DIY nail art allows for experimentation, professional training from a certified nail art academy or nail art training institute provides a structured approach, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of techniques, tools, and trends.

Lakmé Academy Powered By Aptech stands as a beacon for those aspiring to transform their passion into a professional craft.  In their nail art course, the journey of a student goes far beyond just acquiring skills; it’s about evolving into a professional nail artist who is ready to thrive in the competitive beauty industry. For an in-depth understanding of the course offerings and to explore how this training can shape your career in nail artistry, visit Lakmé Academy’s Nail Art Courses.



  1. How long does the nail art course at Lakmé Academy Powered By Aptech last?
  • The duration of the course can vary, but typically, you can complete it in about 1.5 months, depending on your learning pace and commitment.
  1. What prerequisites are needed to enrol in Nail Art at Lakmé Academy?
  • To enrol, you need a passion for nail art, basic educational qualifications (the minimum qualification required is 10th pass), and a creative mindset.
  1. Are there opportunities for specialisation within the nail art course?
  • Yes, the course offers specialised training in areas like gel and acrylic nail extensions, allowing you to enhance your skills in specific nail art techniques.
  1. Can I start my own nail art business after completing the course?
  • Yes, the course equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to start your own nail art business, including insights into managing and marketing your services.
  1. How does professional training at Lakmé Academy Powered By Aptech bridge the gap between theory and professional practice in nail art?
  • Lakmé Academy’s training emphasises the practical application of theoretical knowledge, equipping students with the skills needed for real-world professional scenarios in nail art. This approach ensures a smooth transition from learning concepts to confidently executing them as a professional nail artist.
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