5 Things Every Beauty Stylist Must Practice

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Passion brought you to the beauty & wellness industry, but it’s hard work and regular practise that will ensure your successful run in this field. Choose to begin your journey with a reputed beauty school to build a solid skill set and gain a certification that is widely accepted. Once you are all set to enter the beauty industry as a professional, the below-mentioned practices (in addition to your job as a professional stylist) will help you achieve your career goals faster:

Hone your craft:

Keep working on your craft and perfecting it. Whether for professional assignments and for personal evaluation, keep trying new hair and makeup looks and assess them for the scope of improvement. This will help you develop a stronger hold on the techniques and keep you motivated to achieve higher levels of excellence. You can also replicate work by the stylists you look upto and identify the areas that need more perfection. This will also keep you constantly motivated.

Showcase your work:

Make a social media profile and upload your work for public consumption. Treat your social media timeline as your portfolio and update it regularly with your latest work. The reactions on your work will not only encourage you, but will also build a word of mouth in your favour and help you connect with your potential clients. A lot of people look for upcoming stylists online and your work profile will help them gauge your craft and hire your services.

Collaborate with industry professionals:

If you are a makeup artist, you can team up with a hairstylist or vice versa, and offer complete hair & makeup package services. If you are a hair & makeup artist, you can team up with a magazine photographer and offer your services for photoshoots. If you are a stylist, you can work with an event management company as freelancer, offer your styling services in weddings & events. The options are endless! Collaborating with industry professionals will multiply your reach and contacts, this will contribute immensely in procuring new work assignments.

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Keep up with the latest trends:

Observe the industry trends minutely and keep up with them. Nobody wants to be called ‘outdated’ or ‘old fashioned’, so as a stylist, you will always have to ensure that looks you create are in sync with the latest trends. Follow other artists and stylists, and observe their work. Make it a part of your work routine to note the latest trends and upskill yourself to keep up with them.

Learn new techniques:

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, not only in terms of the trends, but also with regards to the products, equipment and techniques used. It’s very important that you upskill yourself regularly with certification courses to stay relevant as a beauty stylist. There are various courses available that can help you get skilled and get certification for it that is widely accepted.


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