Types of difficult clients and ways to handle them at a beauty salon


The salon industry is one of the most challenging industries in today’s time. The industry is at a constant lookout for those who are passionate, dynamic, patient, smart, fashionable, jovial, and compassionate. In short, you should possess a multi-dimensional personality to be a successful beauty professional.

Beauty industry is the right space to showcase your talent, creativity and expertise in art. However, along with it comes a myriad challenges in the day to day life of a beautician. While it is fun to create gorgeous hairstyles and show-stopping looks, it is equally challenging to deal with clients who can make you scratch your head. The relationship between beauticians and clients at a beauty salon can be the sweetest thing ever. But, it can ruin your day, if you land up with fussy, nagging, or rude clients.

Here’s our list of five commonly found difficult clients and tips to handle them tactfully and professionally.

The rude salon client:

This is one of the most difficult types a salon owner or a beautician comes across. They can instruct you how to do your job, create a ruckus if their waiting time is longer than expected, and can shout out loud if they are not happy with the service. Such clients may look aggressive and difficult to approach.

How to handle:

Be careful with their body language. Do not argue or take things personally. Maintain a professional attitude and politely ask for an apology for running late. Listen to their instructions. They are clients at your salon and good service will bring them back. In case the client is unhappy, give them space to explain what they did not like. Be patient and try to change the style. Being patient and cooperative is the best way to deal with a rude client.


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The cry-baby client:

They are better known as constant complainers. They are never happy with the service and love to crib about every offering. For them, either curl is not perfect, eyebrows are made extremely thin, hair colour is not the perfect tone, makeup lacks shine or pedicure was too time-consuming. It does not matter how long and how well you consult before the service. Constant complainers are actually frustrated ones who likes to crib than to appreciate.

How to handle:

The best way to handle them is to pay heed to their demands and show care and compassion during the service. Accept what they say and do your best to change the look. Remember, customer satisfaction is your motto.


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The consistently late client:

This type of client never run short of excuses for being late. If such a client is a regular visitor in your beauty salon, one thing you can rely on is that they will never arrive on time. When one client arrives late, all other appointments run late. This may make you look confused in front of those who are on time. Play a smart game and don’t let customer satisfaction be at stake.

How to handle:

Give a call to your client at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time to get an update. If they are going to arrive late, be ready with a polite and honest answer. In the meanwhile, request others to avail the service. As a professional beautician, your main goal is to build strong customer relations. Never compromise on that.

The last-minute canceller client:

They are one-step ahead of their consistently late counterpart. They too are not short of excuses to cancel the appointment. They generally take an appointment in advance and cancel less than 15 minutes prior.

How to handle:

If the client has cancelled several times, their behaviour can be brought to a standstill by issuing them the beauty salon’s cancellation policy. If a client is cancelling for the first time, listen to their problem compassionately. The brighter side to this? You can fill their appointment spaces with those who are already waiting.

The everything-I-Know client:

They pretend to be a fashionista with in-depth knowledge about the beauty industry. They are demanding ones who never appreciates your skills but questions your ability and awareness about fashion. They can even carry a celebrity’s photo and ask to give the same look. So, be prepared! They love to pose their own opinion and expects service as per their instruction.

How to handle:

Perform a thorough consultation. Do not leave room for dispute. In case they want a celebrity-type look, try to give it with a professional touch. Provide feedback on how perfectly you can match the style. As a professional beautician, listen with patience and deliver satisfactory services. It is great to welcome them again.


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All makeup artists, beauty therapists, cosmetologists, and hair stylists have definitely come across these kinds of clients at least once. Handle them as a professional beautician and laugh over their hilarious activities during lunch hours rather than complaining that your day was not well spent.

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