Pursuing bridal makeup course? Here’s how to excel as a bridal makeup artist

Bridal makeup course

Dressing up a bride for her D-day is not an easy task. No matter how much you ace as a professional bridal makeup artist, every bridal makeup comes with new challenges. From draping the wedding attire with perfection to putting on the jewellery and lending a flawless makeup that makes the bride smile, a lot goes into executing that show-stopping look. An expert bridal makeup artist thinks million times to avoid makeup mishap or wardrobe malfunction. If you are pursuing bridal makeup course or willing to pursue one, then here’s a checklist on how to excel in the profession:

Practice at home while pursuing the course: You may get to practice at an academy or bridal makeup studio, but practising at home improves your skills and makes you proficient. To start with, take up small projects like engagement and cocktail makeup. Gradually, take up wedding makeup projects amongst your acquaintances. You can ask your friends and sisters to be the models for your bridal makeup and photoshoots. This way you will learn makeup techniques, to experiment with toolkits, and identify your mistakes and rectify the same instantly.

Build a strong portfolio: As a wedding makeup artist, you need to have a strong portfolio. Keep updating your portfolio with different tasks you undertake as a student and even as a professional. Include only the best ones and top quality photos in the portfolio. An excellent portfolio attracts audience and celebrity makeup artists. It also improves your client base, thereby helping you attain heights.

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Promote your work: Marketing is the key to success. In fact, marketing yourself along with your products and services is one of the easiest things to do. Thanks to the digital world, especially social media. Create a social media page and let the audience access it. Showcase your work on the pages, share content like health and beauty tips, wedding tips for brides and increase your followers gradually. More the exposure of your work, better it is for you to succeed as a bridal makeup artist.

Collaborate with brands: In order to become successful, collaborate with different beauty brands. Visit makeup studios and hunt opportunities to work as a backstage artist for fashion shows, beauty pageants, and bridal photoshoots. Attend seminars and workshops to connect with startups and makeup artists. Such events also introduce you to potential clients and give you the scope to showcase your works.

Get trained from a recognised makeup school: Choosing the right makeup school is a vital step towards building your career as a professional bridal makeup artist. Brides would love to get their wedding makeup done from trained and certified artists.

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Lakmé Academy is a leading makeup school that offers short and long term professional bridal makeup courses. Join your nearest centre to style your career as a certified makeup artist.


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