Fast track your career in beauty with short term beauty courses

Beauty Courses

The beauty industry is currently one of the biggest and fastest-growing ones. The beauty and wellness industry is looking for your own skillset that can make you transform into a professional. The Indian cosmetics industry size in the global market is $274 billion and is currently in rapid growth. Taking up the career in this industry is the right time.

This article throws some light on the professional short-term beauty courses that are booming in the industry.

Build your career as a Makeup Artist

Everybody cares about their appearance. Not just occasionally, but even during their daily routine. It is no more cliché that parlours are meant for the models, actors, and people who are passionate about partying and socializing. People have started realizing that dressing up and looking presentable is a part of grooming and wellness. This has led to high demand for beauty professionals and passionate makeup artists in the industry. Even if you are an existing makeup expert or a budding makeup artist who is looking for a certified makeup artist course, then short-term makeup courses will help you get skilled in different types of makeup. Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech offers short term makeup courses that are beneficial to upgrade your existing knowhow or specialize in specific areas of makeup.

Short-term makeup courses

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Get your skills right in Nail Art

Nail Art has created a revolution. It has become a widespread phenomenon, especially for grandeur events like a red carpet, award ceremonies, Bollywood nights and events at colleges and workplaces. People assume that nail spa is all about pedicure and manicure. In a wider sense, it is an experience starting from pedicure, acrylic spa, gel sculpting with nails, then, at last, is manicure. The short-term courses in nail art will furnish your skills and improve the techniques of care, repair, decorate, paint, and extend the nails.

The never-ending demand for hairdressing

Hairdressing course seems simple, but there are significant aspects to learn. There is no end-card for learning hairstyling. Even though you complete the certification, there always comes an update and new technique. Usually, fast track hairdressing course will cover concepts like hair cutting, styling, colouring, waving, straightening, treatments, and smoothening. But the procedures for each of them are different. Sanitation, health, and safety play a significant role as and when you master the skill of hairdressing. As a hairdresser, you are responsible to understand client needs and give a look that will match their face cut and is in trend.

Hairdressing Course

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Other short-term courses that are popular

Since the beauty industry is expanding, there are newly introduced courses, which train and make the artists professional. Some of the other professional short-term beauty courses include

  • Mehendi Design
  • Light and colour tone technology
  • Waxing technology
  • Portfolio Makeup
  • Cellulite and Stretchmark skincare


Taking up short-term courses in beauty from a reputed institute like Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech will certainly boost your career. Take some time and do strong research on how beauty course can push your career ahead.


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