Hair styling tools every hairstylist need in a toolkit

Hair styling tools

A warrior is known by his weapon and it is his mastery over the weapon that makes him a legend. Just like any other professional, hairstylists also need a particular set of tools and master the art of using them rightly to execute the task efficiently. Whether you are a pro or just venturing into the industry, you need good quality hair styling tools and accessories in your kit to serve professionally. The types and quality of your tools help you win loyal customers.

Buying toolkit and products are the most important investment in your professional life. So be very careful when buying hairstyling tools. It is best to seek a professional hairstylist’s help when planning to buy the equipment. Never ever sacrifice on product’s quality and its ease of use when making a purchase. Here are some absolutely essential things that must be added to your hair styling tools list:

All-Purpose Shears

Most of the professional hairdressers keep a set of shears in sizes ranging between 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches. For precision cutting the smaller shear works best but for compress cutting, large sections or bigger jobs the longer ones are very effective. Although longer shear has the advantage of time-saving, you can opt for a 6.25-inch shear to have the luxury of both ends.

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Blow Dryer

This one is a very effective tool as it helps you maintain moisture in the hair and make your clients look good, instantly. It is always better to buy the lighter one with minimal sound output. You should not compromise with tech-specs as you will need better control and result for a shiny finish. It is always better to buy professional blow dryers from trusted brands.

Curling Iron

If you are starting your professional hairstyling journey, keep a 1-inch curling iron in your toolkit. It is very handy in creating a variety of looks. Look for control and range in techniques to make those soft wavy curls.

Blending Shears

Blending shear or simply a thinning shear is an important tool to execute various hairstyles at speed and ease. It very handy in removing hair weight, soften hairlines, and to add controlled texture. Evenly spaced teeth of this tool make it very effective in removing weight. This is mostly used for haircuts in men. However, as a hairstylist, you should be a little careful about sharpness and go for moderate one with convex blades and handle grip.


Your toolkit is incomplete without a quality razor to remove hair quickly. It is very handy in creating fabulous textures. You should go for a razor with interchangeable blades and ergonomic finger design.

Sectioning Clips

This tool is very effective in reducing your effort while styling or hair cutting as it helps in hair sectioning. You should buy clips with maximum grip for better work. Look for dry sectioning clips as these are equally good for wet hair.

Combs and Brushes

Your hairstyling job is impossible without a good set of combs and brushes. Your hairstyle toolkit must have all types of combs for all hairstyling purposes. You should buy combs made of carbon fibre, graphite reins or silicone for better glide. Look for colours that give better contrast. While buying a paddle brush you should go for a rectangular base.

Hair Styling Brush

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Hair straighteners

A hair straightener can give your clients myriads of pretty looks without any hassle. This awesome hair styling tool is a must-have in every hairdressers’ hair styling tools list. Waves, crimps, curls, ponytail, and bounce, all these hairstyles can be done with a hair straighter. Know your client’s need and give her the style she wants with this tool.

These are some very basic tools for a professional hairstylist to create wonders with hair. Don’t forget to keep a good looking water sprayer and rounded brush in your toolkit.

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