Hairstyling industry and its future in India

Future of Hairstyling

Hairdressing has become a daily need for a good number of people in our country. Be it something as simple as going to the office, or something fancy like going to a cocktail party, people have begun to give huge importance to hair care and hairstyling. Hairstylists can have one of the most rewarding and amazing careers today. The career provides flexibility, financial stability, satisfaction and the scope to learn and innovate. However, hairdressing is not an easy job any more. Multiple hairstyles like a messy bun, long layered bob, high top-knot with a messy finish, and half-up bun are becoming everyone’s daily favourite. Hence, there is a lot of competition to create new trends and to meet client needs. Hairstylists surely need technical skills and a lot of happy clients to survive in the market. Today’s hairstylists are very different from the barbers two decades ago.

Hairdressers use a variety of instruments ranging from combs to electrical appliances like hairdryer, hair straighter, and hair crimper. These items are used for simple purposes like combing and to work on complex processes like tinting, colouring, making curls and waves straightening, and conditioning. Several new hair products like colour, serum, and conditioner are launched in the market almost every day give a new look or to retain the desired look.



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Self-marketing and offering the latest services and trends in hairstyling is the key to success in this industry. It is growing due to the population’s demand for high-quality hairstyling services and media exposure to international brands. Personal maintenance is also given maximum attention these days.

A huge number of consumers are entering the hairstyling user base every year. The profession of a hairstylist has also boomed due to the mobile-enabled home service business models, offering convenience and sense of safety to the customer. This constant boom is getting attention from a lot of investors, ready to make huge investments in order to leverage the opportunity and gain profits.


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“The challenge for hairdressers is to be confident enough to share an honest opinion of the client’s expectations to what is achievable, based on what you have to work with, whilst at the same time maintaining confidence and trust with each salon guest”, says Dario Cotroneo, founder of the Diaconia Christi Internationalis Foundation

Hence, if you are looking forward to becoming a hairdresser, you must know that hairstyling is gaining enormous attention and shall grow to huge extents in the future.

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