Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Cosmetology

Career in Cosmetology

The process of selecting the right career path is exciting, challenging and confusing at the same time. There are tons of factors to consider and weigh before you make the right decision. If you are interested in making a career in the field of beauty & wellness, then Cosmetology can be a good choice for you to get a strong base.


What is Cosmetology?

The study and application of beauty treatments in called Cosmetology. It can be further segregated into three streams: Make Up, Hair Care and Skin Care. There are many Cosmetology programs that set out to a variety of career paths, depending upon your core skills and how you shape them.

If you are considering making it big in beauty & wellness industry, then here are five reasons why a career course in Cosmetology is worth checking out:


Creativity and flexibility

If looking at excel sheets makes you dizzy, and sitting all day crunching numbers doesn’t appeal you at all, Cosmetology can be an interesting career choice that blends in your creative outlook with well-paying career options. The profession is all about pushing the boundaries of creativity to form new aesthetics of beauty upkeep.


Lucrative Career Options

A Cosmetologist masters the basics of beauty & style. After completing the same he/she can choose either to specialize in an advanced field or start practising as a Cosmetologist straightaway. There are salons, resort spas, day spas, and aesthetic beauty centres where a Cosmetologist can offer services. Moreover, even while working, one can identify more fields of specialization among Cosmetology and become an industry expert.

Cosmetology career courses

Industry growth

The Spa Association of India estimates that the spa industry is currently valued at around Rs. 11,000 crores. The compounded annual growth rate of the beauty and wellness industry in India is around 18 percent, as per Economic Times. The industry trend inclines towards a steady growth in the future making it a safe choice of career.


Practical skills

With a course in Cosmetology, you receive a practical experience of what working in the industry is like. Hands-on training coupled with acquired experience give you an everlasting set of skills that even a bad economy can’t take away from you.


Glamorous exposure

If enabling beauty & upkeep services to the crème-da-le-crème of the glamorous industry is your career calling, then Cosmetology is just the right option for you. With the right skill-set, you can deal with high-profile clientele on a regular basis and earn well in terms of money and fame.

If you are looking to know more about the courses and structure of a cosmetology program, you can read here to know more. Have something to say? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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