Find the beauty influencer you need in these 8 simple ways!

Beauty influencer

Social Media influencers have become one of the integral parts of our day-to-day lives. Be it business, motivation, awareness or just entertainment, influencers do it all. At this juncture, when influencers and influencer activities are doing the rounds on the internet, beauty influencers are rising exponentially in number. In this wide pool of top influencers in the world of beauty and fashion, how does one find the best ones?

Here are 8 simple ways that shall help you in finding the top beauty influencers:

(Make sure you analyse your criteria, reason and followers before looking out for influencers)

  • Use hashtags on Instagram and other social media sites:

Use hashtags like #beautyinfluencer #instagraminfluencers #socialmediainfluencers #beauty, etc to find out top trending beauty influencers on the internet. Using appropriate hashtags lead you to your targeted search.

  • Look out for influencers on Influencer networks

There are plenty of influencer networks like GroupHigh for bloggers, Cision, etc. where you can directly get in touch with the beauty influencers. Directly contacting the beauty influencers is always preferable over contacting them via sources.

  • Look out for other marketing brand collaborations

If you are in search of a beauty influencer for marketing and branding of your products or services, then find out who your competitors are collaborating with. Get in touch with them at the earliest and try to pitch for your products or services.


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  • Find out the most searched influencers on Google Keyword search

You shall find a number of tools that will help you in finding the right person using a Keyword search. Some of which are UberSuggest, Wordtracker, etc.

  • Use Influencer Marketing tools

There are some dedicated influencer marketing tools for different social media influencer websites like HypeAuditor for Instagram, Social Crawlytics, etc.

  • Use Google advanced search

Google advanced search helps in finding beauty influencers according to location, dates, and more. Narrow down your search results with the help of Google Advanced Search and you will get better and more accurate search results.

  • Conduct an Organic Search

Organically searching for influencers is time-consuming but effective. You may go through comments and look out for the number of followers, word of mouth reactions, etc. Organically searching for influencers give a clearer picture of the influencers’ activities, ranking, and social media fan following.


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  • Search for influencers on Facebook Media groups

There are numerous Media groups on Facebook that can help you in connecting with the right influencers. Since there are numerous such groups available, look out for the reliable, authentic and active ones.

Integrate all the search results from mentioned points and find out the common people to find the top beauty influencers. While these are simple ways mentioned above you may also want to look through the brand collaborations, followers, posting frequency, marketing strategy, and legitimacy of the influencer you are looking forward to work with.


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