“Beauty is for women” is highly cliché. People of millennial and Gen z know that wellness and grooming are common. There is no gender role in the industry. Beauty school for men is equally in demand, and all that matters is how professional you are at your job. Be it, men or women, if you prove yourself to be trained and have completed the professional beauty course, you have the opportunities right over there. After nursing, now it turned out that the grooming industry is to beckon male employees. With attractive salaries and overseas demand, men who want to make an alternate career take up these courses with big hope. And here is why it is!


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Metrosexual is not a Taboo

With the growing popularity of the metrosexual salons, men are increasingly feeling comfortable about grooming. The role of makeup and improving personality has become routine. Initially, it was tabooed either for the models or film industry, but now the limitations are lifted. Men have started exploring what sets them apart and makes them look unique. Hence choosing to study and setting career in beauty are becoming popular and welcoming amongst the male crowd. Choose the best beauty school for men to make them grow professionally.

Variation in the industry

That hairdressing is not just one of the aspects of grooming, has been realized by men now. They have started exploring different aspects of the industry like makeup. For example, the metrosexuals have facial specialists, brow designers, manicure and pedicure specialists, and stylists. When multiple options are available, men get to choose what would require them. Compared to a decade ago, now have men started shopping and styling quite often for almost a lot of occasions other than just a wedding. Similar to fitness, even grooming culture has become an important part of men’s routine. Therefore the opportunities are more when you specialize in anything like hair styling, colouring, facial, and spa treatments.


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Foreign opportunities

This is the most important reason why men are choosing beauty schools. Job opportunities for men in the beauty and wellness industry are on the rise. They charge per hour, and it ranges anything from $500 to $700. If you had chosen the right course from the right academy, then you know it better than anyone. By getting hands-on experience and specializing in different areas of beauty will lead you to places across India and other countries. Clients look for utmost perfection, so men as professionals need to understand their needs in regards to makeup, skin consultation, hair styling, hair treatments etc.

Even today, 85% of the beauty courses are enrolled by women. However, the trend is changing. People these days want to see for an opportunity rather than taboo. If you are a man who is a fashion enthusiast and grooming is your passion, then don’t hesitate to choose grooming or beauty schools for men that will elevate your career.

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