Vintage hairstyles that are trend setters of today’s generation fashionistas

Vintage hairstyles

Vintage look can never fade away. No matter how much we tend to adapt ourselves to the modern day style-statement, at times we do giggle over the classy looks, retro hairstyles, and 90s outfits. We even wish to fit in those age-old outfits that are best paired with retro hairstyle and makeup. The comeback of retro hairstyles defines that we still hold a soft corner for 90s fashion. The hairstyles returned with a bang and are going to leave you in awe. Here’s a list of six such vintage hairstyles that are major trendsetters in the fashion and beauty industry.

Soft curls:

This vintage hairstyle dates back to 50s and 60s. Soft curls is a very versatile hairstyle and is a perfect go-to look for those with long and medium length hair. Curl your hair with a heated curling roller and apply hair spray. This will give volume and natural look to the hair. Manage and at the same time enjoy the bounce created by the stylish curls. Soft curls are a perfect vintage hairstyle for parties, photo shoots and weddings.

Asymmetric bob:

During the 50s, it was one of the most popular vintage hairstyles for women with short hair. Asymmetric bob came back with a bang and is being adapted by women today. It is suitable for those with silky hair and round or oval facial structures. Professional hair stylists are trying their hands on this vintage hairstyle and are no doubt doing justice to the fashion of the 50s.

Asymmetric bob

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Quick puff:

This is one of the most common retro hairstyles that make us nostalgic anytime. To make a quick puff, simply tease your hair on top to give it a height. Pin it from the back to retain the puff. Puff gives a facelift and impression of height. Small or big, top or side, short or long, this on-the-go retro hairstyle can be done in any form and in any hair length. It is also a hair stylist’s favourite.

Pixie cut:

A favourite amongst those with short hair, Pixie cut came back in fashion to give a look typical to the women of 40s and 50s. The short hair adds extra grace to your makeup and outfit. Pin up the short strands with a decorative clip to give a perfect finishing touch to the old-world pixie cut.


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Victoria Rolls:

This beautiful 1940s’ hairstyle is perfect for girls with medium or long length hair. Part the hair and fold into rolls on both sides and tucked with pins securely. The retro hairstyle may be too classy to be paired with office attires, but is ideal for an evening party, friends’ night out or wedding reception.

Victoria rools

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These have been doing the rounds in the beauty industry for more than decades now. The classic braid is quick to do, easy to carry and gives a simple yet elegant look. Braids have never gone out of style. Hair stylists have only added modern touches like French Braid, Fishtail Braid and Dutch Braid, while keeping the traditional hairstyle intact.

These vintage hairstyles heighten your beauty and gives you the much desired makeover. Consult your hairstylist before going for a retro hairstyle or haircut to know which suits your face shape.


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