Be a freelance beautician and make money on the go! Here’s how



Many of us dream to skip the desk job and go for a trip round the world. But how interesting it will be if work, travel and money come hand-in-hand? Have you ever wondered how fascinating it will be to visit new cities, make new friends, explore new workplaces, meet clients from different walks of life, and earn at the same time? The journey is going to be utterly rejuvenating. And beautician jobs can take you such on a trip around the world.

Read on to know the most glamorous jobs in the beauty industry that you can take up as a freelancer:


The profession of a cosmetologist is soaring heights. Be it wedding makeup, fashion shoot, or film shoot, cosmetologists are omnipresent. They help brides and models look and feel their best by providing services like hair treatment and styling, speciality facial, makeup, manicure, pedicure, and skin consultation. Travelling helps cosmetologists stay updated with changing trends of the industry. They travel to learn and work with artists and celebrity clients and to hone their skills to meet career goals.

Makeup Artist:

Freelance makeup artists enjoy the liberty of travelling across cities for work as opposed to working in a dedicated salon.

They offer professional and bridal makeup and do makeup on models and celebrities. They also travel to provide makeup consultation to brides, models, and actors. Good networking is what freelance makeup artists need to succeed. And good networking comes with travel and client meets.

Make up Model

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Personal Stylist:

Actors and models have their own team of stylists. Personal celebrity stylists travel with them for events like film shoots, fashion shoots and private functions. They pay close attention to makeup, hairstyle, selection of outfits and overall look of the celebrities. Personal stylists get maximum opportunity to travel to different countries, meet new people and explore the varied culture of the world.

Beauty Therapist:

Be it cruise ship, luxury resort or holiday village, spa and beauty therapists are in-demand everywhere. A certified beauty therapist with specific skill sets is generally employed by luxury cruises, hotels, and resorts. Those beauty therapists employed with domestic and international liners, get to travel across cities and countries.


Beautician jobs are not confined within the four walls of a salon. The jobs come with travel, client meets, and holistic learning experience. Professional hairstylists not only travel to deliver services but also to share knowledge, set new trends, attend workshops and groom budding stylists on latest styles, cuts, colouring techniques, and treatments. They learn while keeping themselves updated with changing trends.


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Skin Experts:

Travelling while making money is for the lucky lot. From a standalone salon to a reputed chain of salons, wellness retreats, resorts or spas, everywhere there is a need for an aesthetician. Travelling aestheticians have the perks of interacting with people from different walks of life and exploring the life and culture of countries and communities. They get to strengthen their network, hone their skills, deliver knowledge on skincare, and learn new things.

All that a travelling beautician need is the license to work abroad. Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech provides CIBTAC and B&WSSC certified beauty courses, pursuing which students are eligible to work in countries that have laws on foreign nationals’ ability to be legally employed.


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