How to Find Your Big Break in Beauty & Fashion Industry?

Beauty and fashion industry

The bright floodlights, a runway to fame, wide hoardings, and smiling models with sparkle in their eyes – here’s a vision that keeps people intrigued with glamour.

Be it a young girl trying out her mother’s lipstick or a far from his teens boy picking his own outfit, the inclination towards beauty and fashion starts at a young age. Yet this bedazzling industry seems like a mystery to many.

Despite being one of the most lucrative fields to be working in, beauty & fashion industry doesn’t have a wide visibility of career opportunities. More obvious career paths are that of a model, a photographer or a designer, but what’s more to it? And more importantly, how do YOU get to be a part of it?

There are many behind-the-scene players who keep this industry successfully functional. There are many paths you can take to break into this industry. Here are our top picks:



Professionals transform a dull skin and baggy eyes into a face that is a glowing reflection of the model’s spirit. With the right training, one can become an expert in understanding the skin type, procedures to improve the texture, and right correction techniques to be implemented.


Skin care

Many people, many faces, and that’s true not just in a metaphorical sense. The skin type falls in many spectrums. Experts in the industry create a mix of skin care procedures to stay a step ahead. This ranges from hygiene and sterilisation process to massage techniques. Even if you have a basic understanding of skin types & make up fundamentals, you can develop the advanced skills to become a pro.

Hair care

Exactly like skin care, hair care covers a broad band from understanding hair and scalp concerns to creating the right cut to suit the face. This also stretches to the treatments and products that can bring out the required look. With people getting more selective about hair cut & quality, the growth potential as a professional in this craft is huge.


Make up

A plain face is like an empty canvas. You can choose to create a Mughal queen or a Ninja warrior if you know the techniques and understand different skin tones & lighting. The opportunities in the makeup industry are thus as wide as your creativity. This in-demand skill can be developed with the right training.


Personal grooming

Celebrities have a range of stylists who perfect their look for every occasion. A personal grooming expert knows more than just the ordinary, they have perfected the art of bringing out the best of a body and face according to the attire & the occasion.

Sounds interesting? Take up a course in Fashion and Beauty from an array of courses available. Who knows, you could create the next Carrie Bradshaw!

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