Applying for Beautician Jobs? Points You Need to Keep in Mind

Tips To Get Beautician Job

The beauty and wellness industry is thriving like never before and there is no reason it shouldn’t be among the top career choices. Apart from a higher number of job openings, a career in beauty and wellness offers the much-needed freedom and flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance. According to a 2017 Zion Market Research, global beauty salons and spas market are expected to reach US$191 billion by 2024, growing at an average of 5.8% annually.

Are you ready to join the league of professionals who make you and the world look better? If yes, then you should plan a career in fashion and beauty. But, while looking for beautician job vacancies, be focused and careful about the position you are applying for. Here are some of the tips to boost your chances of getting the job of your choice with better remuneration.

Understand Responsibilities 

Although the beautician job profile is very cross-sectional in nature, apart from your professional skill, your employer also expects you to be a well-mannered individual with better communication skills. Your responsibilities as a beautician generally include:

  • Welcoming clients with warmness and making them feel comfortable at the salon while waiting for the service.
  • Know the client’s needs and understand his/her personality. Then recommend services like hairstyles, hair colour, spa, nail art, makeup types, etc.
  • Understanding basic and advanced skin treatments like temporary and permanent hair removal techniques, basic and advanced pedicure and manicure, facials etc.
  • Knowing the right usage of tools and application of hair and skin products.
  • Applying makeup and hair care products as per skin and hair types
  • Suggest tips for skin and hair care, pre-bridal tips, spa tips etc.
  • On the operational side, you might have to take care of online and offline bookings, follow-ups with clients, and manage the cash counter.
  • Make sure that the work-space is clean and tidy and equipment is sanitized for better customer experience.
Certification course in Beauty

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Meet Requirements

Your chance of success and remuneration depends on your experience as a beautician, cosmetologist or any similar role. So, before applying you should read the job requirements thoroughly, and keep your documents ready while going for the interview.

  • You might be asked to demonstrate your skills live, so be prepared to fare well.
  • While performing your task, you should be very balanced in your communication with the client. You have to read clients’ temperament and communicate accordingly.
  • The way you apply techniques and use resources could leave a longlasting impression.
  • A certification course in beauty from a reputed institute can do wonders.
  • If possible, be ready with high-profile references.

Expand your knowledge

  • You need to show the depth of your knowledge of beauty products and the latest trends.
  • You should be ready with strong networking.
  • If you have done a specialized course in beauty therapy, cosmetology or in any relevant field, you will get a better offer in the beautician job. So, learn more while doing a beautician course.
  • You must be ready with your technical know-how, especially about the latest skin care therapies, hairstyles and how to do those, and makeup trends.
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If you are passionate about beauty and have some level of artistic skill, then the industry is waiting for you to offer an excellent beautician job and handsome remuneration. Of course, to crack the right beautician job vacancy, you need thorough knowledge and experience to make your mark. Basic skills like healthy communication and presentation could help you climb the ladder faster.

People love to listen to procedures, products, and end results. So master the art of sharing your knowledge, but do diplomatically. In short, it is all about marketing. So, garner marketing skill before applying for a beautician job. Maximizing per client revenue by selling additional treatments and products is an add-on. Before applying for a beautician job vacancy, be assured about work timings. It will be variable. During festivals or wedding season, you might have to invest extra hours. However, this should not come at the cost of your health and personal happiness.


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