New Year Resolutions for your career in the beauty and wellness industry


New Year is the time for a fresh start and new opportunities. It is also the time to set new goals and bring in new resolutions. As you set new goals, you also work to achieve those goals and fly high in life. Here’s our list of top six New Year resolutions for you to have a successful career in the beauty and wellness industry.

1. Practice your makeup skills:

Consistently practice the classroom makeup techniques and work on your skills while pursuing a makeup course. However, continue practising at home even after you start working as a makeup professional. This is because great makeovers come with rigorous practice. Consistent practice will improve your artistry and ensure you understand your areas of strength. Since recreating a look comes with a combination of techniques, practising on the latest industry trends and learning to use new tools and products will help you succeed as a makeup professional.

2. Focus on both theory and practical classes:

Even though a makeup artist or hairstylist course involves extensive practical work, still theory classes should not be ignored. Theory is the basis for your practical learning and experimenting with makeup products and tools. Make a note of the lectures given during a theory class and try to implement those during the practical sessions. After all, applying theoretical knowledge during a practical class yields the best results.


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3. Network with beauty professionals and studios:

Networking is one of the perquisites to prosper in the beauty and wellness industry. Network with makeup artists, bridal makeup studios, nail studios, photographers, and event planners. This will give you an opportunity to attend as well as work as a makeup artist or hairstylist for beauty pageants, fashion shows, photoshoots, and weddings. It is also good to build a strong network with your clients. That will help expand your client base and will get you more jobs.

4. Stay updated with the industry trends:

The more you stay updated with the latest makeup and hairstyling trends and the more you learn new things, the more valued your work will be. The beauty and wellness industry is ever-evolving. New makeup and hairstyling trends are introduced almost every day and new beauty products are launched almost every hour.

5. Learn to work with advanced beauty tools:

While you stay updated with the latest industry trends, it is also important to get hands-on training on advanced beauty equipment. Working on advanced equipment will help you hone your skills in advanced makeup, hairstyling and skincare techniques. If you are a bridal makeup artist, then you must have knowledge of airbrush and HD makeup products and tools. If you are a hairstylist, you must be skilled to work on advanced hair treatments like Botox and Cysteine treatments, which use high-end hair care products and hair styling tools.


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6. Build a strong portfolio:

Last but not the least, New Year Resolutions for a successful career in the beauty industry is to build a strong portfolio. Find a mentor at your beauty training academy who is well-versed in the industry and can provide you with lots of fieldwork. A portfolio comprising of multiple works in areas like cosmetology, hairstyling, makeup, and nail art will help recruiters understand your areas of expertise and choose you for an appropriate role in the industry.

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