Glam up! Top makeup trends of 2019 every makeup artist should swear by

Makeup trends 2019

2018 was a year of matte lipsticks, nude eye shadows, and glitter nails! As the New Year has arrived, it is already time we discuss about the beauty trends of 2019. For more glow and glam this year, start preparing to look fresh, confident and stunning with a whole new trend of makeup. Wait to welcome an array of new beauty products too. Makeup artists must have already started to delve on new styles, tips, and beauty products.
So, let the beauty trends of 2018 fade out and the big beauty trends of 2019 fade in. From bold lips to matte skin, we have rounded up the top makeup trends of 2019 that every makeup artist should be aware of.

Bright bold lips: 2018 was more about minimal makeup including matte or nude lip colours. However, the big beauty trends of 2019 are going to turn things bold and bright. This year a wide range of bold lip colours are said to take the beauty world by storm. Be ready to pair your summer floral prints or winter hoodies with bright, bold, and glossy lipsticks, glosses, and crayons. These are going to add more volume to your lips and make up stand-out in the crowd. Think bright orange, think pink and think red, because there are back with a splash.


Bright bold lips

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Shimmering eyes: Every professional makeup artist should replace matte eyeshadows with their shimmer counterparts. The 2019 eyeshadow trends are all things glittery, bold and beautiful. If you are the one who do not experiment with bold shades or shimmery eyes, then its time you start to experiment with pink, yellow, bronze or golden eyeshadows. Colour eyeliners will also continue to rule the makeup trends of 2019. Pair a dark colour eyeshadow with a thick line of colour eyeliner to create a contemporary and dramatic effect.


Shimmering eyes

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Acrylic nails: Be prepared to see long nails topped with colours and textures. Because, nail and makeup artists are brushing up their skills on graphic nail art designs to give your nails sheer dramatic look. Makeup trends of 2019 have replaced the usual shades of nudes, greys and reds with gel based contemporary nail art designs. Drop in to a nail spa or salon not just to polish your nails but to get a graphic nail art done. A professional makeup artist or nail technician will do it right. Glitter top coats, French tips, and metallic accent are expected to be in the top nail art designs of 2019.

Matte skin: Professional makeup artists can never say no to matte skin or matte foundation. While liquid foundations and oil-control face powders have ruled the beauty world in 2018, 2019 is all set to bring the matte yet lustrous look. Matte foundations offers a long-term protection to your skin from shine and oiliness. The foundations offer great coverage, minimise pores, control oil balance, reduce shine and prevent skin from appearing caked. Professional makeup artists should add some of the best matte foundations to their makeup kit. You can thereby get a healthy, flawless, and natural looking skin.

 Shiny makeup: Professional makeup artists, make a note here! It is time you bid adieu to matte makeup look and welcome glossy makeup in 2019. Gloss is back and it’s more interesting than ever. Revamp your makeup kit with shiny lipsticks, lip glosses, glitter nail paints, and shimmering eye shadows. The glossy makeup will be stickier than the matte makeup you embraced all through 2018. Apart from matte foundations, you are actually inching closer to nail the 2019 makeup trend with all things glossy.


Shiny makeup

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Professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts, do not forget to try these big beauty trends of 2019. Let the game begin!



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