Seven daytime makeup tips to look absolutely gorgeous

Day time makeup

It can be tough to deal with daytime when it comes to the idea of long-lasting makeup look. Melting foundation, stained liners and gluey lips can be a disaster. Basic daytime makeup tips like waterproof makeup, hydration, etc. have been known for a long time. However, it is also important to know the lesser-known facts about day makeup that will enhance your beauty even under scorching heat and broad daylight.

To help you cope with problems like these, we have come up with seven beauty tips to beat the heat like a star.

Use concealer along with sunscreen

Summer season or even daytime can be a little rough for your skin but so can be sunscreen. It has a rough texture along with the white tint that marks its residue on your face. In order to get rid of this, mix the right proportion of concealer with sunscreen. This will add a certain kind of matte effect making it look brighter. This will also prevent the skin from tan and sunburn.

Hydrate and clean your skin with Ice Pack

The term hydration is overused for the right reasons. It is extremely crucial to keep your skin hydrated while the heat is absorbing all the moistness. Hydrate your skin with ice pack before you start applying makeup. Applying ice pack clears your skin and at the same time gives a proper texture to the makeup.

Exchange your creamy products with powdered or matte products

This will help in keeping your makeup intact. While creamy products tend to eradicate easily, matte or powdery makeup products stick to your skin for a longer time and help you beat the heat. Liquid also tends to meltdown creating a makeup hotspot on your face. So, replace liquid makeup like liquid lipsticks and liquid eyeliner with matte ones.

Use waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara comes very handy in summer. However, this can be used round the year as a part of daytime makeup. It helps in keeping your eye makeup intact and stays for a longer duration. If rightly used, waterproof mascara can be one of your go-to make-up products for a classy day look.

waterproof Mascara

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Use mists

Mists add moisture to your skin. It also keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. Using mists as a part of your day make-up routine is recommended by numerous beauty professionals. And not just that, mist also helps your skin retain the fresh fragrance for a longer time even amidst extreme heat and humidity.

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Don’t use shimmer or shiny products

Using shiny products during the day not only increases the chances of the make-up to liquefy all over your face but also damages your skin. It is generally advisable to apply nude makeup in the heat. We perspire more than usual under the scorching heat if we use shiny products. Replace those shimmery lip glosses with gorgeous shades of nude lipstick and check the difference yourself.

Use lip stains

Lip stains are one of the most integral parts of your daytime beauty. They don’t make your lips sticky and help in keeping the day makeup uptight. Stains keep your lips healthy and colourful. In fact, lip stain is considered to be the best alternative day makeup to lipstick.

These are some of the useful daytime makeup tips that shall keep you look happy and gorgeous in the extreme temperature. Don’t forget to drink adequate water regularly to add glow to your skin while the temperature is soaring high.

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