Opening your own salon? Here’s a salon-start-up checklist to refer to

Salon start-up checklist

Once you have decided to turn your dream of becoming a beauty entrepreneur into reality, the time to start setting your goals and walking towards it begins. From planning funds, choosing the right business structure, hiring beauticians, and looking out for the perfect décor to purchasing tools, choosing a name, and, planning for a grand opening, a lot goes into setting up a salon. We have prepared a salon start-up checklist to assist you in planning the right way and make things fall in place.

Choose a convenient business model

Different salons operate in different ways. While some salon operates in a franchise model, some serve as a standalone entity. So, first and foremost, decide on which model to choose- if you want to buy a franchise, or open a brand new salon and run it as a standalone entity.

Draft a thorough business plan

By drafting a thorough business plan, we mean, analyze the market, survey the area for salon set-up, check on staff requirements and description of services to be offered, funding, and the salon’s mission and vision. While drafting the plan, do detailed research on the requirements to start a salon and subsequent resources to fetch those. Be creative while deciding the salon’s name and designing the logo.

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Choose a location and start set-up

The next step in the salon start-up checklist is to choose and finalise on a location. Choosing a salon location is one of the most crucial points to tick off from the checklist. Choose a space that is close to a market or at the marketplace itself for maximum footfall. Other things to keep in mind are visibility of the salon, availability of parking, total square feet, and a vibrant surrounding and environment. Once the location is finalised, start setting up the salon. Also, be clear whether you want to buy a space or take it on rent.

Beauty products

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Purchase furniture, beauty tools and products

Start strolling around markets to buy the best available beauty products, tools, and furniture at reasonable costs. Do an extensive market survey to buy furniture like spa beds, styling, shampoo, and all-purpose chairs, stools, showcases, reception desks, pedicure carts, manicure ramps and tables, lights, mirrors, trolleys etc. Research online and offline to order products like wax, shampoo, conditioners, makeup, nail and facial kits, hair colouring products, body lotions, essential oils etc. Purchase essential supplies like facial and body towels, scissors, makeup and hair brushes, dryers, combs, crimpers, straighteners etc.

Start hiring staff

While decoration and salon set-up is going on, start hiring stylists and other salon staff. To hire wisely and build up a confidant team, you as the owner need to establish your salon’s core values. Also, build a strong relationship with nearby beauty schools to get potential candidates. You can post ads in newspapers, online platforms, or outside the salon space to hire stylists and makeup artists.

Get a license and insurance done

Apply for a salon owner’s license while setting up it up. Schedule an appointment with the licensing officer to visit the salon and get the licensing cleared. Do remember that the salon owner and the stylists need to have proper license to carry out hair, skin, makeup and other beauty services that the salon wishes to offer. Insurance your space to protect it from damage, theft or other liabilities.

Last-minute touches and opening ceremony

Once the opening day approaches, finish off with last-minute touches like painting, installation, and decoration. Clean up the mess that occurred during the set-up and make the salon ready for the grand opening. With the right thing at the right place and with a team of smart and competent staff, you are ready to roll out like a pro.

Refer to our salon start-up checklist and enter into the salon business like a professional.


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