Get a classy professional look with these office makeup tips

office makeup

Dressing for work is not an easy task. After those extended meetings, late-night shifts, and meeting targets and deadlines, you still need to look fit and fab. This is when makeup comes to your rescue. Makeup is your best friend at work. It hides those dark circles, stress marks, messy hair and dull skin brilliantly. However, overdoing makeup at work can play the spoilsport. Here’s our list of office makeup tips to ace your face and make you look fresh and fab at work.

Cleanse your face

First things first! Wash your face with a face wash suitable for your skin type every morning. Splash considerable amount of lukewarm water while cleansing to remove excess oil and dead skin from the face. Pat it dry with a soft towel.

Moisturize your skin

Use a moisturizer labelled for your skin type. Moisturizing in the morning keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day and retains its elasticity for a longer duration. You can either use a gel, cream or lotion to moisturize.

moisturize skin

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Apply concealer, if required

If you are not blessed with spotless skin, then concealer is a must-have in your office makeup kit. Swipe concealer, preferably creamy ones, over dark circles, acne marks, or spots and hide the imperfections smartly. Apply concealer with fingers effortlessly to get a perfect finish and natural look.

Fix with a BB cream

If you have a BB cream in the office makeup kit, then you don’t need sunscreen and foundation. BB creams are infused with SPF, which protects the skin from sunburn. It covers the spots and gives an even tone to your skin. Apply BB cream to get radiant skin before hitting the workplace.

Highlight your eyes

No makeup is complete without eye makeup and it is an inseparable part of office makeup tips. Wearing eye shadow to work is optional, but if you do, then go for soft shades, preferably in brown or bronze. Define your eyes with kajal or eye-liner. Highlight the lower eyelid with kajal. The upper eyelid can be highlighted either with kajal, gel pencil or eyeliner. Finish off the eye makeup with a dash of mascara.

Cheekbones makeup

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Give a cheeky look to your cheeks

Cheekbones should not be ignored while prepping up for office. A pinch of bronze blusher highlights your best facial features and makes you look bright and professional. Opt for a neutral-coloured blush to keep it natural. You can also use a nude or light shade of lipstick as an alternative to the blusher.

Matte lipsticks

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Add colour to your lips

Nude matte lipstick is preferably the best option for corporate makeup. Matte lipsticks last longer than glossy ones and give a professional touch to the makeup. Choose a matte lipstick shade suitable for office and let your lips do the talking. Try to avoid bright lip colours. Carry a lip stain to work.

Choose the right colours, opt for waterproof makeup, do not look cakey, go for a proper hairdo, and purchase beauty products from the best brands to avoid allergy or reactions. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to maintain skin health and look fresh. Wear a smart and simple dress and pair it with minimum accessories. Follow our corporate makeup tips and notice the change yourself.


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