Makeup kit hygiene and maintenance tips a makeup artist should be aware of

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Makeup indeed changes the look of a woman. It boosts confidence, enhances skin glow, and gives a flawless look. However, a lot of factors go into consideration while applying makeup on self or on others. The most important factor to keep in mind while applying makeup is hygiene maintenance.

Maintaining a clean and sanitised makeup kit is one of the prerequisites of owning makeup products and tools. As a makeup artist, you should ensure that your entire range of makeup products is sanitised and disinfected from time to time. Dirty makeup brushes, sponges or puffs will invite bacteria and when used on the skin, it can lead to infections or allergic reactions. Check our list of makeup kit hygiene tips to keep your makeup products clean and sanitised:

1. Use disposable makeup applicators: Using disposable makeup applicators and brushes is one of the best practices a makeup artist should follow. Use disposable brushes, sponges, cotton swabs, tissues, and cotton pads to retain the hygiene of the makeup tools and services. A lot of disposable makeup applicators are now available in the market. These include disposable eyeliner applicators, disposable lip brushes, disposable spatulas, and disposable mascara wands. Disposable makeup brushes are not just used for hygiene purposes, but they also allow for flawless makeup application.

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2. Keep a trash bag handy: Always keep a trash bag handy while applying makeup on your clients. Keeping the trash bag handy will help you dispose of cotton balls, tissues, disposable spatulas etc. in one place and will help avoid mess during the service. This will also ensure that the surrounding remains clean and tidy.

3. Keep makeup brushes clean: Wash your makeup brushes immediately after service and let the brushes dry completely. You can either use water or spray brush cleanser to clean the makeup brushes. Cleaning makeup brushes not only keeps bacteria at bay, but also keeps makeup stains, dead skin cells, and germs at bay.

4. Do not apply makeup directly from the product: This is a makeup hygiene tip that every makeup artist should follow. Never pick the product directly from the container and apply it to your client. Keep a separate spatula or a brush and take out the required amount of the product with those on a makeup palette. Then apply it to your client with separate makeup applicators. This will prevent cross-contamination and maintain the hygiene factor of all the products.

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5. Check on the expiry date of makeup products: An essential factor to keep in mind with regards to makeup kit maintenance is to keep a check on its expiry date. All makeup kits or products come with an expiry date. While some come with a longer shelf life, some can be used for a shorter time. So ensure you keep a check on the expiry date of the products and replace the expired ones with new ones when required.

6. Avoid using hands for cleaning makeup tools: Last but not least important makeup kit hygiene tip is not to use your hands to clean makeup tools. Always use a tissue or a cotton pad to clean brushes or applicators. In case, the makeup applicators need wet cleaning, use wet wipes, cleaning spray or lukewarm water. This will keep your makeup kit germ free.

Every makeup product should be kept at the right temperature to ensure it stays germ-free. A makeup artist should follow standard practice for their makeup kit maintenance. Breaking the hygiene and sanitisation rules can lead to adverse results.

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