All you need to know to ace bridal makeup like a professional

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Indian weddings are all about vibrancy and dynamism. One of the most important influencing factors that make the atmosphere lively is the diversity and richness of Indian bridal makeup. This once in a lifetime day deserves a little extra treatment to look absolutely gorgeous. You simply cannot take it lightly as a little carelessness could spoil your day. It is better to hire professionally trained and experienced bridal makeup artists to give you that heavenly look for life long memory.

At this juncture, the demand for bridal makeup course has seen a stupendous rise. With more women pursuing the course and starting their own business as an entrepreneur, the competition is also becoming tough.

Here is the guide to help you pick learn the right bridal makeup tips and become an artist who can ace it like a professional. These will make your client happy and keep them glowing on the D-Day.

Wedding Makeup Tips to Look Like Diva

Hire Bridal Makeup Artist: An experienced bridal makeup artist makes it sure that your bridal makeup is in-sync with your precious wedding attire. It is not just about your facial beautification but the overall appearance. A professional bridal makeup artist will understand the clients’ requirements first and then start enhancing the overall appearance on the D-ay.

Keep the makeup classic or trendy

This is a bit tricky as you as a makeup artist have to decide according to client’s preferences. However, beauty experts mostly prefer a classic look as it goes well with the tradition and has better acceptance. It is not the day for experimental makeup.

Start with bridal skin-care regimen in advance

The best wedding makeup artist will start the process a week in advance to enhance the natural glow of your skin. They will recommend a balanced diet with optimum water, exercise, and herbal treatment to slowly improvise the skin tone. The best wedding makeup tip is to remain happy and joyful during the period as this gives you the divine look.

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Balance Highlighting

It is required to sharpen your facial features, especially eyes, lips, and cheeks. A professional artist with handful of experience will always avoid over highlighting. You should rather opt for a simple sober-looking natural look with a minimalist touch.

Do not ignore the neck area

This is one of the least thought about bridal makeup tips. Neck is the area that gets the least attention as it remains covered with jewelry. But an expert makeup artist will work on the skin tone of the neck to get the right face-to-neck balance.

Bridal makeup tips

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Should the makeup be light or heavy

If we discount the cultural factors, it is better to keep makeup light. A professionally trained bridal makeup artist will focus on enhancing your eyes and lips by using light layering. Makeup is for you, so let your beauty do the talking, not the makeup. Heavy contouring is total no. As a professional, be precise if required.

Apply light foundation

If you need to hide some marks or scars of the bride, you have to use the right balance of foundation. As a makeup artist, you will use the foundation to conceal them meticulously without overdoing it.

Frankly, the wedding makeup tips are endless. Go for light makeup to highlight the natural beauty of a bride. Avoid heavy base layers and go for waterproof makeup. The makeup should be in-sync with the wedding attire.


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