Best Winter Beauty Products to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy

Winter beauty tips

Winter might ignite the passion for romance, but the unfortunate reality is that you need to be extra careful in handling dry exfoliating skin and rough damaged hair. This is the time to take a pause and change your summer beauty collection and add thick moisturizers, hydrating lip balms, and hair masks in a winter makeup collection.

Thankfully beauty product companies understand your requirement and develop specialized products to help you keep skin and hair healthy and beautiful. Here are some of the best beauty products from the winter makeup trends 2019 to help you shine this winter.

Face Wash

Water in winter is painful. One thing that you need to change first is the face wash in your winter makeup collection. It sounds simple but it is most important to maintain the hygiene of your facial skin. You should use a moisturizing face wash to get rid of the wrath of colder and drier weather with intense hydration formulation.

Winter makeup care

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Facial Moisturizer

Moisture trapping is the key when it comes to fighting the dry weather. In simple words, creams are better than lotions to keep skin hydrated. It is better to try a cream with a combination of sunscreen to keep skin glowing in winters.

Eye Cream

Your eyes define your overall makeup and you cannot ignore it during winters. The thin and delicate areas around your eyes need special attention. So try an eye cream that is genuine and dermatologically tested for the winter season. You can get the extra hydration from those eye creams that are suitable for all weather conditions.

Face Scrubs

Your traditional face scrub won’t help you in winters as this could cause irritation and worsen the situation. So, opt for cream based face scrubs and ones that are formulated with essential oils and skin smoothers like shea butter. These remove dry patches smoothly and leave the skin supple. Apply and massage gently until flakes come off.

Winter skin care

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Lip Balm

Flaky, chapped lips are a sin, isn’t it? Your scented lip balm might help you in summers but in winter it will dry your lips even more. The best is to try a basic, unscented, and thicker lip balm to create a protective layer to trap maximum moisture.

Body Wash

It isn’t just your face and lips that give you the confidence of beauty. You need to be very attentive to your whole body. So, try using a moisturizing body wash that could help you in keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Body Moisturizer

This is an absolute must, especially for areas that are more exposed to the wrath of winter dryness. If you hate to apply the scented and thick formulation, you should better start loving it until the summer arrives. Apply the moisturizer gently on hands, back, legs, and chest and massage gently until it is completely absorbed by the skin. Apply twice daily, after shower and before going to sleep at night.

Skin care tips

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Hair oil

The dry winter months create a lot of havoc on our hair. Lack of hydration results in dry and itchy scalp, dandruff and hair loss. To save your scalp and hair from damage, apply hair oil regularly. There are several winter specific hair oils available in the market, which provides the desired nourishment to the scalp and hair strands.

Defrizzer and Shine Spray

The low humidity of winter takes the natural shine of your hair. It is time to replace your defrizzer with quality restorative hair oil. Add a good quality shine spray in your winter makeup collection to make your dry hair softer and shiny.


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