Monsoon hair care tips every hairstylist swears by

Monsoon hair care tips

Monsoon season is here and so are our monsoon hair care tips by hairstylists. Incessant rains, humid weather, and cloudy skies can leave your hair oily, sticky, frizzy, and unmanageable. Unlike our mood, our hair responds to the monsoon season in a different way. So, even if you enjoy a rain dance or love to get drenched in the rain, your hair is going to remind you of the problems the rains can bring along. Before the rains arrive in full swing, prepare a hair care checklist for the monsoon season and swear by it as every hairstylist does. These monsoon hair care tips by hairstylists will keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny even if you step out for a rain dance.

1. Shampoo at least twice a week: Hair becomes sticky and oily during monsoon, thereby losing its lustre. Wash your hair at least twice a week with a shampoo suitable for your hair type. This will keep your scalp clean, remove the dirt and oil from your hair, and keep your hair strong, soft, and silky. Use a shampoo and conditioner that contains added vitamins and healing oils to give your hair the edge during monsoon season.

Monsoon Haircare Tips By Hairstylists

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2. Do not use heating devices: Stay away from heating devices like hair dryers, hair straighteners and hair curlers during the monsoon season. During monsoon, enjoy and flaunt the natural texture of your hair. Styling your hair with heating devices during monsoon can make it dry and frizzy.

3. Apply a good hair serum: One of the most important products to include in your monsoon hair care checklist is hair serum. Hair serum can work wonders for your hair during this time. Apply the right proportion of serum after a wash and keep dryness away. Make your hair look soft and silky. Soak wet hair with a towel and apply the serum immediately. It moisturises your hair and keeps it hydrated during the season.

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4. Get a hair mask for the rainy days: You can either purchase hair masks from the market or prepare one at home to keep your hair healthy and strong during the rainy days. A hair mask is a must-have in your monsoon hair care checklist. The application of hair masks is one of the vital monsoon hair care tips by hairstylists. According to them, applying hair masks deeply conditions your hair, hydrates and nourishes it, and helps you maintain good hair health. Thoroughly cleanse the hair mask and shampoo your hair immediately.

5. Oil your hair from time to time: Make a bottle of hair oil at home and apply it during monsoon. Make a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, and molten shea butter and store it in a jar or bottle. Apply this homemade hair oil during the monsoon season to keep the frizz and dryness away. This is one of the top hair care tips for monsoon season that every hairstylist recommends. As per hairstylists, the thick texture of this homemade hair oil works as a great sealing agent for your hair.

Ensure that you have included anti-frizz products, comb, and hair spa cream in your monsoon hair care checklist. Keep a check on your diet and water intake too. Follow the monsoon hair care tips by hairstylists and flaunt strong lustrous hair during rainy days.

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