Job Opportunities for a professional skincare artist in India

Skincare artist

Skincare is the most important part of cosmetology. Beauty is based on skin and its radiance. A blemish-free skin does not require any makeup, while a skin with scars, acne marks, and pigmentation requires excessive makeup to give a spot-free look.

Every woman wants to have a radiant blemish-free skin because she knows that beautiful and glowing skin is the best make up to adorn. It is where skin experts come to our rescue. Their knowledge on skin care regime, skin care tips and on skin health help us fight skin problems and get a healthy glowing skin. However, it is not easy to become a professional skin care artist. One has to pursue skin course from certified beauty academies, get groomed during the training, learn about hygiene and sanitization, understand skin types, and means to deliver the appropriate cure. Here are few job opportunities for the skincare artist or specialist in India.

Beauty therapist

Beauty and skin clinics have expert beauty therapists who provide the right kind of treatment to the problems faced by clients. The problems can range from patches on skin to early age wrinkles. Beauty therapists are the ones who are expert in providing treatments like advanced facials, clean-ups, facial massage, bleaching etc.

Skin consultants

Salons, skin clinics, and spas hire professional skin consultants these days. Those who have done a certified course in skin care are more knowledgeable than those without a certification. They impart the right knowledge, guide clients with perfection, understand their problems related to ageing marks, facial hair, acne scars, oily skin etc, and deliver right kind of massage, facial, etc.

Skincare Specialist

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Skin expert at a dermatologist’s clinic

This is one place, where, apart from a doctor, an expert is in demand. Those who have done advanced cosmetology or skin care course and undergone training on high-end areas like laser, can look out for jobs at a dermatologist’s clinic. He/she is almost as important as a doctor providing necessary assistance to the consultant and patient.


Beauty academies are always looking out for faculty with relevant industry experience. In these kinds of jobs, people employ skin care experts to provide training to budding aestheticians. Those who are specialized in the field and have several years of work experience as a skin care expert, cosmetologist or beauty therapist can apply for the job of a faculty.

Adviser at a cosmetic store

A skincare artist not just provides knowledge to the product manufacturer about the ingredients and compositions to be used in a particular product, but also to customers who walk in to a cosmetic store for a purchase. They, at times, offer free skin consultation also. The products are offered by the advisers at a cosmetic store only after analyzing the customer’s skin type.

Spa therapist

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Spa therapist

At times skin care experts are also employed as spa therapists in salons and spas. They provide facials, full-body spa, and head massage that improves the overall health and appearance of the skin.

Freelancer skin experts

These days a lot of skin experts are seen working as freelance beauty therapists. They develop a strong client base and deliver services in areas like facial, bleaching, clean-ups, waxing, pedicure and manicure.

All these jobs come with flexible working hours. Looking for a career in skin care? Join a skin course and grab the best job opportunities for skin experts in India.


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