Lipstick shades to swear by for uplifting the glam quotient!

Lipstick shades

Lip color is the most significant of all makeup accessories. It has the quality to revamp your style and look with just one stroke. With various shades available in different lipstick range, lipsticks can be easily ruled out as the most versatile product among all makeup and beauty products. Be it a working woman, a homemaker, or a celebrity, lipsticks have time and again proven as a powerful tool to all to give that bold and confident look in few seconds. From nudes to peach and coral, there is a lipstick shade for every occasion and for any time of the day. The real challenge that embodies the fashion industry today is not about launching trendy lipstick shades but also taking into consideration the skin tone of women around the globe. Let us now check a few broadly classified options in this category.


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Bold Red For Fair Skin Tone

Give a huge makeover to your lips with this edgy lip color. Classic red, orangish-red, coral, cherry reds or vibrant blue-reds, there a tinge of red to elevate your mood and gift you a bold beautiful look. Although it usually falls under the category of glossy lipstick shades, now there are red lipstick variants in matte texture too. It is a must-have for women who like a little edgy color. A power move in terms of feminine products red is best suited shade amongst women for occasions, like wedding, cocktail parties, casual dining, and evening parties.

Brown For Dusky Skin

A subtle yet empowering color for all women! These creamy brown matte lipstick shades are available in different hues like chocolate, cocoa, and cinnamon. A flattering lip color for the dusky skin tone, the flawless base gives an elegant look when worn for any occasion.

Pink for light skin tone

An apt lipstick for the light skinned women that is chic and gorgeous at the same time. Hot pinks, coral pinks, baby pinks, and neon pinks, be ready to grab all the attention with such appealing shades of pink. Most pink shades of lipstick comes in mattee and creamy texture these days. The suave finish and creamy texture of the lipstick plays a major role in enhancing your overall look. Pink is a subtle yet powerful choice for every working woman out there.


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Rusts, burgundies and berries for wheatish skin

A new entrant in the lip color category, rusts have managed to hog the limelight for someone. Get ready to embody the dramatic look by applying just one stroke of this lipstick. From glam nights to everyday office wear, the creaseless texture of this rust lip shade is enough for providing a long-lasting effect. This is a perfect pick for those with medium to fair skin tone. It enhances your complexion and gives you look pretty.

Wine for dusky and fair skin

If you have a dusky or fair complexion, one of the sensual lip colors to suit your lips is wine. Be ready to leave a charismatic impression with this bold color. Perfect for a date, party, or a casual night out, pair your favourite shade of wine lipstick with your favorite attire and you are sure to get loads of compliments.

From drab to fab, these splash of colors is enough for amplifying the glam quotient. So be ready to create the first impression on the go by donning any of these trendy lip shades.


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