Salons are reopening: Safety protocols to follow as a salon manager during COVID-19

Salon management

Salons and spas have shut down in different parts of the country during the nation-wide lockdown. Now that the country is gearing up to re-open in a phased manner, it is important that all businesses involved in customer walk-ins like salons, shops, restaurants, and wellness centres, make adequate plans to ensure safety of their employees and visitors. Out of all these businesses, salon and spa business involves maximum physical contact with clients. Social distancing seems impossible here. Keeping this major factor in mind, salon and spa owners or managers should go the extra mile to lay down precautionary measures and safety protocols to ensure utmost safety of their employees and clients.

We have listed down safety measures a salon owner or manager should follow while operating in these tough times:

1. Take prior appointments

All of us are now trying to avoid crowded places and stay safe. Therefore a salon visit should be made appointment-based only. As a salon manager, ensure your clients take prior appointments for the beauty service and do not queue up unnecessarily at your store. This will ensure that your salon is not crowded and social distancing norm is followed with limited clients at a time.

2. Ensure temperature checks

Even if the unlock phase has started temperature check should not be discontinued. This is applicable for both staff and clients at the salon. As a salon manager, ensure that temperature check of all your staff is done at least twice a day. At the same time, whenever a client visits your salon, get their temperature checked at the entrance. Whoever records a high temperature should be restricted from entering the salon premises.

3. Clean and disinfect several times a day

Thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces, equipments and products at the salon before opening and after closing. Use high-grade disinfectants only because chances of contamination are very high in a salon or spa. It is also recommended to disinfect and clean high-contact surfaces after every service to ensure additional safety and hygiene.


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4. Use disposable and single-use items

In this situation, it is ideal to use disposable and single-use beauty equipment for extra safety. Disposable and single-use products like tissues, cotton balls, cleansing wipes, disposable caps, pedicure tub disposable liners, disposable spa sheets, disposable facial gowns, and wooden waxing spatulas ensure optimum hygiene at the salon or spa. Stock up small sachets of essential oils, lotions, creams, and scrubbers, which can be used for one client at a time. This way you will be able to provide exceptional client experience even in these uncertain times.

5. Make masks and PPE kit mandatory for staff

Any beauty service involves high-contact between clients and stylists. It is therefore advisable for makeup artists, hairstylists or beauty therapists to don a PPE kit along with face masks, face shields, and shoe covers all the time. As a salon manager or owner, you should also encourage your clients to wear a face mask at least when they are not undergoing any facial treatments like facial, cleanup, or bleaching.


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6. Keep water, soap and sanitisers handy

Be it for staff or for clients, water, soap and sanitisers should be kept handy at the salon. Staff should be encouraged to wash and sanitise their hands after every service. Install hand-sanitising stations at the entrance for clients to sanitise their hands while entering and leaving.


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7. Enable contactless payment methods

Encourage contactless payment as an additional level of safety protocol in your salon or spa. Inform your clients about the new payment policy while confirming an appointment with them. You may receive payments via card or mobile wallets. Create a separate business account where you will receive all payments. Keep the mobile number and QR Code upfront at the cash counter. This will improve customer experience and reduce unnecessary queuing up at the salon reception.

Build trust amongst your clients by incorporating these safety measures at salons. Going the extra mile while laying down hygiene and safety measures at salon will also keep you, your staff and your clients safe.

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